• AnonymousHi, I work at an answering service and we page a lot of doctors after hours. Sometimes other doctor or facilities will call and ask who the fellow or internist on call are. What's a fellow? What's an internist? I think there are a few more types of people they ask for, but none come to mind right now.
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    Ah yes, you speak of the DOCTOR HIERARCHY! And all the names we call each other. 

    What’s a fellow? And the names of our roles: I made a little a flowchart because I got a new app and I love flowcharts!

    Okay, so you’re a resident now, you’ve got the MD. Aside from resident, what do I call you?

    Internist: physician who specializes in internal medicine

    Surgeon: I think we all know what a surgeon does

    Pediatrician: physician who specializes in kids

    Obstetrician, Gynecologist, OB, GYN, OB/GYN: physician who specializes in deliveries or women’s reproductive health

    Family Physician, Family Doctor: Often the one people refer to as “my doctor”, because this is the physician most people will see first when they need to see a doctor and make an appointment

    Psychiatrist: who is NOT a psychologist. A psychologist cannot prescribe medications. And not all psychiatrists are experts in the various therapy modalities. 

    Hospitalist: This doctor primarily sees patients who are staying in the hospital. Can be a pediatrician, internist, or family physician.

    Insert-latin-or-greek-name-of-organ-ologist: ex. cardiologist, hepatologist, gastroenterologist. 

    Insert-same-latin-or-greek-name-surgeon: ex. cardiothoracic surgeon, hepatobiliary surgeon, orthopedic surgeon

    There are obvious MANY more, but these are very common.

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If I could dedicate myself to my schoolwork as much as I dedicate myself to finishing a series on Netflix in 24 hours I would be working for NASA by now.

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Science side of tumblr why is my mom such a bitch


Dogs, like humans, have two very common biological genders: male and female. Dogs’ biological genders, like humans’, are determined by the presence or absence of a ‘y’ chromosome.

Your mother, then, is a female dog because she has one or more ‘x’ chromosomes (necessary for life) without a ‘y’ chromosome.

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a boy and a girl are sitting together on a bench after a romantic date. “can i kiss you?” the boy says. the girl nods and the boy pulls out black and white face paint and starts putting it on her face. “you’re going to be gene simmons” he whispers.

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